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Sunday, 12 May 2013 12:51

How to Select the Right Sunglasses

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sunglassesTrendy sunglasses are hottest accessories for summer. However; nowadays more UV rays are filtering so it’s more important to ensure that your glasses serve its main purpose of protecting eyes.

As we know, exposure to   Sunlight –ultraviolet (UV A and UVB) rays are known to cause several eye diseases including cataract, early onset of macular degeneration, pterygium and pingueculum etc. You cannot avoid exposure to sunlight, on the contrary some form of sunlight is necessary to stay active and fresh, sunlight also provide much needed vitamin D. However with appropriate sunglasses you can definitely protect your eyes and its normal functioning.

You may not need to spend much to protect eyes; even simple sunglasses with reasonable cost can serve the purpose.

Here are tips that will help to select right sunglasses based on your requirements.

For Complete UV protections go for good Quality of the Lenses

Sunglasses are labelled according to guidelines for UV protection established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Check the stickers on the glasses, suggesting the type and amount of UV protection provided; you should wear glasses that block at least 60 percent of UVA rays and 95 percent of UVB rays.

Colour of lenses
The colour of lenses has not much impact on UV protection however; it may change your look for the world! -suggests experts. A darker looking lens may not provide better UV protection than a lighter lens.

One who likes yellow lenses should know that yellow hue increases contrast which  can make it difficult to distinguish changes in traffic lights, they are good for hazy conditions while Grey and brown lenses distorts  colours very less and are advisable to use while driving.

A trick to test optical quality is to focus on a vertical edge or line and then move your head back and forth, allowing your eyes to sweep across the lens, ‘If there is any wiggle in the line then the lenses may have an optical defect and you should  opt for  another pair” the FDA guidelines say.

Size of lenses
Bigger is better suggests the experts. Your sunglasses frame should cover the eye, up from the brow, ensuring protection of delicate eyelids and surrounding skin.

To get broader protection from UV rays, the wrap around shape would be best, even one with large lenses and wide temples would serve the purpose.

Right fitting
Sunglass frames should fit tightly on your nose and ears without causing pinch or discomfort. They should fit close to your face around the brow area however, not too close that your eyelashes touches the lenses.

Whether you like to wear stylist designer sunglasses or select the affordable one, the purpose of protecting your eyes should be served. 

Wearing sunglasses, like sunscreen is must whenever you go outdoors, especially when you visit places that reflect sun light such as snow, water, sand or pavements…

Choose your  Sunglasses wisely to look stylish and protect eyes…

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