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Monday, 01 April 2013 09:20

7 Things to Avoid Before Sleeping

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Avoiding distracting pre-bedtime activities can improve your night sleep…

sleep disturbNo one wants those frustrating sleepless nights disturbing next-day morning. As sound sleep at night optimizes your productivity, emotional wellbeing, mental ability and energy level, you always desire an uninterrupted slumber. You might be already well oriented with strategies promoting healthy sleep at night. However, how many of you are familiar with pre-bedtime things that can disturb a sleep schedule?...only few… probably those in health care professionals only.

Disturb sleep is an invitation for unnecessary weight gain, weak immunity and drag in energy level. So getting quality sleep is immensely required to keep a body fit and healthy. Researchers have found that certain pre-bedtime activities are a main culprit for trouble in falling asleep and tossing or turning all night.

A good rule of thumb tells you to avoid such things before going to bed. It might surprise you that avoiding them are really good for improving sleep quality.

Here is a checklist of pre-bedtime activities better to avoid before sleeping.

Television and computer

Television and computer are prime enemies of your sleep, as they distract you from your normal schedule. Bright light emitted from their screen affect the production of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone, and make it harder to fall asleep.

Similar is true for web surfing or playing video games, a popular habit of many, is another reason for increasing insomnia cases in modern days. Light emitted from such devices, and resultant anxiety stimulates your brain, and you find difficult to relax.

Excess drink in evening hours

Your doctor always advises you to drink plenty of fluid to maintain hydration of a body. However, drinking excessive water or juices in late evening hours can turn out troublesome, especially for elder ones. Undue fluid intake in late evening hours leads to frequent awakening for bathroom breaks and interrupts your sleep. So it always better to limit fluid consumption before sleep.

Likewise, if you are interested in alcoholic beverages cut their intake at evening hours. No doubt alcohol can make you feel sleepy, still alcohol poses an unsound impact on sleep quality. Heavy night drinking causes frequent awakenings, night sweats, and headache. Limiting alcohol intake four to six hours in the evening is good for better sleep.

Heavy meals

Heavy meals just before bedtime may make you feel sleepy initially but unwarranted events soon become obvious. Big meals, spicy or fatty food put a burden on your stomach and flutter digestive process. You may find yourself feeling uncomfortable and tossing in bed when your belly is unnecessarily full. Hence, schedule your dinner time two hours before sleep so that you get enough time for digestion.

Heavy exercises

Regular workout is the key of healthy body and sound sleep. However, doing hefty exercises like cardio just before sleep is as bad as not performing them at all. Vigorous exercises accelerate your metabolism, encourage production of adrenaline and other stimulant hormone that makes you difficult to relax and set your mind for falling asleep reported on dailymail.


Evening cup of caffeine containing tea, coffee and colas can hinder your restful slumber and can cause sleep disturbances. Caffeine takers may experience the disruption of sleep cycles. The better stake is to avoid caffeine containing beverages four hours before going to bed.


Discussion on a heavy topic can cost your sleep quality at night. Discussion, serious conversation or arguments upset your mind, and provoke anxiety. Anxiety can be a single most reason causing a struggle to get good night sleep.

Late night work

Working late hours at night can feel you stressed and anxious leading to difficulty in falling asleep. As with discussion troubling night sleep, same goes with late-night work causing you to lie awake at night.

So if you have little bit trouble in settling down at nights, it is worth caring about all mentioned pre-bedtime activities for better slumber.

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  • Comment Link Bharat Bochiya Sunday, 16 June 2013 15:42 posted by Bharat Bochiya

    Its good for health.Very nice.

  • Comment Link kirit shah Monday, 22 April 2013 08:06 posted by kirit shah

    all ur informations r useful kindly update daily to me .thanx

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