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Monday, 25 March 2013 09:35

Controlling your sweet tooth with healthy ways… Featured

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Taming with Irresistible Sugar Cravings....

cupcakeDo you feel sick to death for chocolates? Do you always grab a candy bar to cope with your slump? Does drinking cola relieve your depression? Don’t worry… you are not alone with such experiences. A sweet tooth getting out of control is common phenomenon happening in everyone’s life.

From long time, a specific hunger for sugar food is observed in humans. As sugar is a leading cause of health problems in a modern fat-obsessed world, taming it down is ideally good for healthy body.

Understanding the reasons and cutting sugary foods out of diet or replacing them with good ones is great idea. Control your sweet tooth for plenty of other delicious foods that help to repress your sugar hunger.

Reasons for sugar cravings

1. Serotonin-sugar link

People feel happy and content after having a sweet dish. Reason is attributed to increase in a serotonin level after sugar consumption. With sugar intake body secrets insulin which helps in the absorption of all amino acids except tryptophan. Tryptophan gets a clear route in the brain in such cases, which is used to synthesize serotonin in brain. Hence serotonin, a feel-good hormone, makes you feel happy when you consume something sweet.

2. Stress

‘Bitter truth: Stress drives sweet craving’, a statement from The University Record Online, University of Michigan News Service.

Researchers said that people who feel bad during stress cope in part by overeating or pursuing other incentives. High levels of corticotrophin-releasing factors (CRF) in stressed brain tripled the intensity of desire for sugary treats. 

3. Fuel need

Sugar, a fuel for body and starter for energy production, gets insufficient either due to poor diet or exhausted body. In such a case body demands sweet treats for fuel compensation.

4. Yeast overgrowth

Intake of antibiotics or hormonal imbalance can change natural flora from the intestine, favoring overgrowth of yeast. As yeast thrives on sugar from intestine can increases intensity of carving.

How to Tame Sugar Craving

Though sugar craving is hard to beat and staying off it is still troublesome, there are ways to control it to some extent. Self-encouragement is the key to success and adopting certain habits run great way long.

Eat regularly

Regular eating avoids fluctuations within blood sugar levels. Consuming smaller portion of meals frequently throughout the day helps a body to maintain sugar in normal range and reduces craving intensity.

Prefer eating a fiber-rich diet like whole grains, which keep your belly full and prevent rapid spikes and drops in blood-sugar level. You can choose proteins as a main diet ingredient. As proteins break down slowly, keep the blood-sugar level more stable.

Stock up healthy snacks

Stock up your kitchen cabinets and fridge with healthy snacks like nuts, dried fruits, seeds and fresh fruits. So whenever you go crazy with sugar, you will find only healthy snacks as an option.

Choose fruits

Choose fruits instead of sugary foods whenever you have an intense desire to eat something sweet. Fruits, as in its original form contain less processed sugar and lots of vital nutrients. So,you can satisfy your sweet tooth with a piece of fruit without harming your body.


Water is another major ingredient for sustaining our body after healthy diet. On most of the times symptoms of dehydration can be wrongly considered as hunger and person moves for sweet for getting energy. Drinking water plays a significant role in alleviating the symptoms of sugar craving.

Start moving

Let’s start moving whenever sugar carving hit. Move away from the environment to drag your mind from the thinking of sweet.

These are simple but still effective ways to control with irresistible sugar craving.

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