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Wednesday, 16 January 2013 12:46

Winter Skin Care Tips to Avoid DrySkin

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winterskin careAs winter approaches the advertisement of various creams, moisturisers and lotions also increase. Most of them are claiming their product as best winter care option that keeps your skin soft, moist and supple.

Yes, the cold dry weather during winter tends to make your skin dry, rough, itchy and sometimes cracks are also formed,  causing pain and occasionally bleeding.

Here are some ways to protect your skin from  dry -harsh winter weather…

Humidify in winter
Exposure to cold, dry air is a leading cause of dry, irritated skin. Use Humidifier instead of heater to keep your office and house warm. The dry heat from heater removes moisture from the air which can make your skin dry - says expert. "Humidifying the air can reverse the process of skin dehydration and is particularly helpful for patients with dermatitis," Tarbox said, in published article by AAD

Use mild cleansers
Some cleansers contain certain chemicals that can aggravate dryness and also worsen long term skin disorders like dermatitis or eczema. To avoid such conditions replace those conditioners with milder one. Cleansers containing ingredients like essential oil, jojoba oil and shea butter oil are advisable.

Apply right moisturiser
As mention earlier there are ample of skin care products available in market. In summer and spring  a moisturiser works well, however during winter you may need to become more selective while choosing moisturiser especially if you have dry skin. 

Application of the best suitable moisturiser is key to keep your skin soft and moist during winter. The expert from AAD suggest of using products that contain ceramides, a fat molecule. Again, Essential oils or jojoba oil are beneficial ingredients found in certain moisturizers.Read moreHow to Choose Right Moisturizer according to skin type

Use Sunscreen

To protect skin, application of sun screen is as equally important in winter as in summer; during winter sun combined with snow glare can  damage skin. Read more :Do I need to apply sunscreen in winter months?

Do not wear wet Gloves and Socks
The wet clothes can irritate skin causing itching, cracking and even sores.

Avoid Hot water bath
Bathing with Hot water or relaxing in tub filled with super hot water feels great after frolicking out in cold; however, the intense heat of the hot shower can damage your skin by breaking down the lipid barriers, present in skin – causing dryness of skin. 

Have shower with warm water for shorter amount of time suggest expert.

Feet care during winter
Your feet require extra attention during winter. Many people suffer from dry cracked feet during winter.  Use of petroleum jelly or glycerine is advisable for people whose feet skin gets aggravate during winter. Regular use of exfoliatants is needed to keep feet skin smooth and soft.  Read more: Feet care during winter

Drink enough water
During winter due to cold, we don’t feel much thirsty and tend to drink less water and intake of hot steaming coffee increases. Drinking of caffeinated drink and alcoholic beverages can lead to dehydration and dry skin suggest expert.  

Drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated and yourself healthy. Read more:Are you drinking enough water during winter?

Many dermatologists suggest of using over the counter saline sprays especially during travelling, that can help to keep mouth, eyes, and nasal areas hydrated.

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