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Tuesday, 18 December 2012 09:30

Dealing with 7 Major Foot Problems

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Keeping foot healthy is equally important to maintaining body health.

feet-care2Our feet are the most valuable part of our body however, foot care is mostly neglected or caring of feet comes last priority in most cases.Foot plays a significant role in all basic activities of daily living. Hence, even a minor foot problem can hamper your routine activities and may land up you into embarrassing situation.

According to survey from Institute for Preventive Foot Health, 70% of U.S adult above 21 year age reported of having one or more feet problems at some time in their lives. Overweight, diabetes, exercises like running, jogging, hiking, basketball or dancing and even shopping are significant reasons for foot problems.

Experts have also found out wearing of poorly fitting footwear is furthermore major cause for foot problems.

Foot problems can range from a simple blister to major diabetic foot ulcer. Thanks to the advancement of medical science to deal with such issues.

Athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot, a fungal infection, is frequently contracted in person wearing shoes for long run. Wearing shoes for prolong period provide a warm and humid environment perfect for fungal growth. Infected skin looks red and dry associated with formation of blister, peeling and itching.

Wash your feet regularly with soap and water followed by drying especially in between toes. Sprinkle antiseptic foot powder and always wear dry and airy socks.

Diabetic foot

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeon (AAOS) states diabetic foot as a major health concern and common cause of hospitalization.

Nerve damage and poor circulation in diabetic person allow small blister to progress into major wound. High blood-sugar level favors bacterial growth and makes condition worse.

If you are diabetic never walk barefoot. Inspect your foot daily for any injury. Wash foot regularly with mild soap and warm water. Allow complete drying especially between toes. Avoid smoking as smoking damage blood vessels and reduce oxygen supply of the body reported by AAOS.


Here joint of a big toe become swollen and tender leading to bony lump on the outer edge of a toe. This common forefoot problem run in families suggesting ligamentous laxity or hyperpronation of foot as a cause- says article from Journal Clinical Medicine and Research.

Women, wearing tight fitting footwear are at high risk for a bunion, where actually a bone protrudes towards the inside of the foot. Person feels  pain and discomfort while walking due to exertion of pressure on skin and soft tissues around a joint.

Use proper fitting shoes with high and wide toe area. Bunions can be managed conservatively with use of pads that cushion it or orthotic devices that provide extra comfort and protection. Anti-inflammatory drugs and cortisone injection are grateful to resolve pain. Surgery is useful to relieve pressure and repair joint.

Corns and Calluses

Corns and calluses very common and mostly ignored till it become very painful or render day to day activity. Corns are a thick, hardened area of skin, which is less sensitive to touch. Corns are resulted of pressure or friction on skin, especially with use of ill-fitting shoes whereas calluses are developing secondary to underlying condition like bunions. Basically, it is protective reaction to preserve underlying skin structures.

Taking homoeopathic medicine would be a great solution for painful corns instead of using; on the counter preparations including corn removing strips or tablets.

Use of better fitting shoes usually eliminates the corn within a couple of days reported in PubMed Health or use special corn pads to protect skin. Managing underlying condition can help to alleviate calluses.

Ingrown toenails

Sometimes piece of the nail breaks through the skin causing ingrown toenail. This results in pain, swelling and redness around the nail. If you don’t trimmed your toenail properly you are at a risk for ingrown toenails. Even use of too tight or too loose shoes create extra pressure on toe and result in this condition listed in medline plus.

Again, certain homoeopathic medicine taken in early stage will definitely help you to get rid of painful condition.

Your doctor may need to remove the part nail cutting into the skin and even pus, if infected to provide you relief.  

Always cut toenail straight across and level with top of the toe and don’t cut too short or round the corners.


Excessive strain on the planter tendon at its attachment to the bone can cause protrusion on the underside of the heel bone termed as calcaneal or heel spurs. When the spurs irrupt into the soft tissue, condition becomes painful. Apart from this, spurs can develop on the toes or side of the toes and arch area of the top of the foot. Prolong standing, wearing ill-fitting shoes and excessive weight worsens the spurs.

Institute for Preventive Foot Health (IPFH) advice on wearing properly designed and fitted shoes help to prevent spurs. Use of inserts provides arch support, and a sight heel lift avoids excessive tendon strain. IPFH suggest wearing clinically tested padded socks protect against soft tissue's injuries due to pressure or shear forces.


Hammertoe is a condition where a toe gets bent downward due to bend in the middle joint of a toe.

Use of shoes that are too tight in the toe box or shoes having a high heel is blamed for hammer toe. According to a mayo clinic, in such a footwear toe gets forced against the front of the shoes and lead to be unnatural bending of toes imparting hammer or claw like appearance.

Selecting comfortable shoes, which are having adequate toe room and low heel, can avoid hammertoe. Wear insert or pad to relieve pressure and pain.

Above all, good hygiene and regular feet care keeps your feet healthy and also bring notice of any abnormalities that are developing in the initial stage, thus by taking immediate actions you can avoid painful progression…

Regular pedicure at home or at spa will help you to keep your feet healthy and attractive as well!!! Keep Walking…..

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