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Monday, 17 September 2012 09:24

7 Tips for Younger Looking Beautiful Hands

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Beauty of hands is equally important as facial beauty, see how…

beautifulhandsThis beauty conscious era calls every woman to use all available gadgets for maintaining her beauty. Daily bombardment of cosmetic advertisements and beauty tips highlighted on television, newspaper or magazines mainly have a facial focus.

While dealing with facial beauty, we always neglect one of the vital parts of our body having great significance in beauty…hands. Yes…beautiful and gorgeous hands give added benefits to enhance your charming personality.

Dry, cracked hands along with hangnails and craggy cuticles put you in an embarrassing situation. Frequent hand washing along with contact with soap and detergent increase skin dryness and enhance susceptibility for infection. Hand skin exhibits the ageing changes as we grow, likewise, facial skin.

Even if not properly taken care, your hands start to exhibit ageing signs too much earlier than other body parts. So hand care is equally important as face care to make you more attractive.

Here are ways for pretty, supple and beautiful hands.

Keep moisturizing

As hands are repeatedly used for work keeping them moisturized is a good way to prevent skin damage. Maintaining hydration has an excellent impact in preventing wear and tear of delicate hand skin and subsequent drying and cracking.

Use hand creams containing lactic acid, glycolic acid and salicylic acid for better soothing effect. Always keep a moisturizer handy when you are outside home and apply as you notice drying of skin.

Be gentle towards hands

Washing powder, soap, and too hot or too cold water has a direct impact on hand skin.

American Family Physician reported that hand can be easily injured during everyday activities. A traumatic hand favors entry of pathogen deep inside tissues and contributes to the development of an infection. Gentleness towards the hands is the key for preventing such complications.

Hence use good quality washing powder for washing clothes. Enjoy lukewarm water to prevent skin damage. Use natural soap devoid of skin damaging active ingredients.

Use rubber gloves when you are doing hard work like gardening or even laundry.

Avoid UV rays

As with facial skin, ultra-violet rays are harmful for hand skin also. So be cautious while going outside particularly in sunny days. When you are stepping out for long duration apply sunscreen with sun protection factor (SPF) above 15 and better to wear hand gloves to prevent exposure to harsh sun. This blocks the exposure to UVA radiation and will prevent a formation of wrinkles and brown spot.

Regular exfoliation

Regular exfoliation is necessary for removing dead skin cells and rejuvenates beauty of hands. Exfoliation slough-off dead skin cells and facilitates entry of moisturizer deep inside the skin.

Dermatologist insists on use of scrub containing Alpha-hydroxy acid, which dissolves glue, a material that holds dead skin cells together.

Be careful if you experience allergic reaction such as redness, skin irritation or burn with scrub.

Cuticle care

Don’t ignore cuticle, the skin at the base of a fingernail. Never cut your cuticle, as frequent cutting may open nail bed and favor infection. Moisturizing cuticles with cream containing shea butter or cocoa butter make them soft and even.

Nail care

Regular nail care adds a fabulous effect in pretty looking hands. Brittle and unevenly grown nails may hamper beauty of hands. Shape nails with rounded counter using nail scissor. File them gently to get even surface. Wash and dry and then apply nail cream to make them attractive.

Eat foods rich in calcium and vitamins to nourish your nails.

Hand massage

Take a time out and give a massage to your hand with almond oil or any moisturizing cream. Massage increases blood circulation, improve muscle tone and impart good color to hand skin.

So good hand care add a lot in your beauty. 

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