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Thursday, 13 September 2012 10:09

4 Hidden Reasons for Overeating

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Regular overeating may result of some underlying hidden causes…

binge-eating-disorder1Delicious food with its inviting aroma drives people to the kitchen from any corner of the house and if you’re hungry you will be the first to reach that dish. It’s quite natural to do over eating while hanging out with friends and your loved ones at your favorite restaurant, even during festivals one tend to eat that extra piece of delicacies though your stomach is full.

These are quite natural and understandable reasons of over eating occasionally. However, besides these occasional overeating reasons many of us are having a habit of overeating without any reasons or unknowingly…

Many times you keep on munching without any occasion, just because you are bored or don’t have anything to do or to cope with emotions…Are these valid reasons to keep on eating ?…absolutely not.

This habit of overeating without reason could be a cause of building of extra piles which puts you at risk of obesity and/or not able to reduce weight.
Overweight is scientifically proven reason for lifestyle diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes and cancer. Current guidelines for preventing lifestyle diseases emphasis on healthy diet plan to avoid extra kilos.
Additionally some may need emotional management or expert consultation to combat the unhealthy food habits.

Binge Eating disorder

If you are suffering from overeating, then you can be a victim of “binge eating disorder," and this pattern can raise your chances for incidence of deadly diseases.
Binge eating is different from an increase in appetite level or overeating on certain occasions only.

Medline plus defines binge eating as ‘an out of control eating pattern’. Compulsive eating habit makes a person to consume large amount of food regularly, which is uncontrollable and mostly unhealthy.

If binge eating is the reason for your excess weight, finding out hidden reasons for overeating can be useful for further management. describes overeating as a result of genetic, emotion or previous experience.

Hidden causes for overeating

  • Emotion/Depression

Binge eating is a way to wrap painful emotions such as depression, stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, worry or loneliness. A victimized person found to be relieved from emotion after eating comfort food.

Depression is commonly encountered reason for overeating. Many studies have found out a strong co-relationship between depression and incidence of overeating. Womens health fact sheet states that almost a half of being eaters is either depressed or has history of depression over a past.

Harvard Health Publication suggests that “stress eating” moves person towards consumption of high-fats and sugary “comfort foods”. Persistent stress is attributed to the release of cortisol, a stress hormone from an adrenal gland, which increases appetite.

In addition to that physical or emotional stress increases cravings especially for fat and sugar or both. This may be due to high level of cortisol, insulin and ghrelin, a hunger hormone, caused by stress.

Try to divert your mind in such depressive attack of hunger, indulge yourself in favorite hobby or just go out for walk… These will help you to survive such emotional eating attacks and thus avoid overeating.

  • Skipping meals

People have a natural tendency to eat more after skipping meal. Hence dieting can raise chances for overeating in next meals to compensate for skipped one. According to mayo clinic, dieting activates an impulse for overeating especially if a person is depressed.

To avoid episodes of over eating, have a diet plan from dietitian who can guide you about the amount and time of eating as per your lifestyle and food likings. Having small portions of food frequently can definitely help you to avoid over eating.

  • Biological cause

Researchers believe that human genes may involve in binge eating as it runs in families with an incidence in parents or siblings. Brain is also a major player in causation of overeating. According to hypothalamus, a part of brain dealing with appetite is unable to send correct massage about hunger and fullness in case of binge eaters. Low level of serotonin, a neurotransmitter, can be one of the reasons for overeating.

If you think it’s in your genes...Don’t worry, try to find out solution, consult dietitian and have a diet chart. Cook limited amount of food to avoid overeating and instead of sweets and junk food; keep your refrigerator full of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you feel hungry even after adequate amount of food and desire to have more, eat fruits.

  • Childhood experience

Compulsive overeating has strong roots in bad childhood experience like abuse or bullying. Here food was used for comfort or distract from situation and by the time passes become a habit.

In such cases find out other ways that keeps you calm and relaxed or alternatively take advice from experts to overcome the habit of overeating.

Stress management, healthy diet plan, exercise, quality sleep, and being busy in creative activities are some of the self-help techniques to overcome binge eating problems.

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