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Thursday, 23 June 2011 12:27

Lack of sleep is associated with Diabetes and obesity…

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This article reflects on the importance of good night sleep and how it can contribute to development of obesity and diabetes.

It has been found in many published study tha“The inadequate sleep can contribute the diabetes as well as obesity”.  Many Physician assume that  the current epidemic of diabetes and obesity seems to be partly related to chronic inadequate sleep.  

 sleepThe published literature suggests that with regular exercise and healthy diet, the quantity and quality of sleep also play significant role in regulating appetite, energy use and weight control. It had been observed in various studies that the lack of sleep disturbs  hormone related to appetite. This hormonal imbalance leads to increased appetite in the sleep deprived person. According to a study report, people who get on average 5 hours a night sleep are more likely to become obese compared to people who have night sleep of 7-8 hours. The fact implies to children also. Recently, a study conducted at University of Washington in Seattle had shown strong correlation between less sleep and weight gain in small children.

Similarly, the hormones released during sleep also control our glucose metabolism. It has been observed that the distinct rise and fall of blood sugar levels during sleep is   linked with the different stages of sleep. There are evidences suggesting that, both sleep quantity and quality are strong predictors of the development of diabetes, stroke and heart attack".

Importance of sufficient sleep

To summarize, all research study points that adequate good night sleep always improves your general health. Moreover, the sound, refreshing sleep helps to fend off  sneezing and other infections by sustaining the immunity.  Where as the disturbed and inadequate sleep can make you obese and can contribute to development of diabetes and other chronic diseases. Lack of sleep also affects our mental status dramatically. It is very common to feel tired, irritated, anxious or depressed after night watching.

Recommended night sleep


Hours per night

Infants (3 to 11 months)



12 to 14

Children (pre school)


Children school going






Remember, adequate sleep is essential for our physical, cognitive and emotional well- being. Good night Sleep, Not only rest your body and refresh your mind, but is also a crucial for good diabetes health .So to say healthy forever… Develop a healthy sleeping habit from today….

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ref: Health first magazine 

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