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Thursday, 28 June 2012 09:14

Eat Anti-inflammatory food to stay healthy and happy Featured

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Certain  foods are enriched with anti-inflammatory properties that help to keep chronic diseases under a wrap.

anti_inflammatory_foodsA human body is composed of flesh and bones, blood vessels and nerves subject to injuries by various means. Body has its own natural capacity of healing through inflammation. Inflammation is a natural response of a body to protect and cure itself against a broad spectrum of infection. However, when inflammation persists for a prolong period it attacks healthy tissues as well and results in chronic ailments such as heart diseases and arthritis.

As per the University of Wisconsin, School of medicine and Public Health, use of drug therapy to minimize inflammation can change body’s chemical reaction and are associated with side effects.
Food habits, stress management and daily exercise are other ways to reduce inflammation to a great extent.
Studies have shown that selecting an anti-inflammatory diet reduce symptoms of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, type 2 diabetes, asthma, cancer and many more.  

Nutritional science has found out foods playing a vital role in controlling inflammation. Anti-inflammatory foods are enriched with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and immune boosting properties and hence slow down the inflammatory process.

  • Fruits and vegetables

Eight to ten servings of fruits and vegetables for better anti-inflammatory effects- recommends David Rakel, MD, from University of Wisconsin
 People consuming an ample amount of fruits and vegetables as a part of healthy diet are less likely to suffer from chronic diseases as compared to those who do not eats, reports Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC),

Berries and papaya are more proficient anti-inflammatory foods among all fruits.
Berries are the powerhouse of antioxidants, which imparts strongest anti-inflammatory activity and lower the risk of chronic illnesses.
Papaya labeled as a “fruit of the angel” by Christopher Columbus; is rich source of vitamin C and A with minerals and fibres as major constituents. Papain and chymopapain, two major protein-digesting enzymes from papaya lower the inflammation and improve healing from burn reports WHfoods.

Dark green leafy vegetables are rich source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that protect against various chronic illnesses. Spinach, broccoli, celery, mustard green, tomato, and leeks and green onions are all healthy for body.

  • Whole grains

Whole grains are intact grains with low glycaemia index. Eating whole grains prevent a sugar spike which is a main culprit for insulin resistance and incidence of diabetes; in addition to that high blood-sugar level is a good source for bacterial growth and flaring of inflammation.  

So to maintain good health it is crucial to have whole grain food products suggest food expert Andrew Weil, MD, pioneer of an anti-inflammatory diet pyramid. He also specify that it should be "true" whole grains. This means when using or cooking with whole grains, the individual grains must be intact or cracked into a few large pieces, not ground in flour.

  • Seafood

Salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel contain a high amount of omega-3 fatty acid, a best anti-inflammatory agent.

On the contrary meat, dairy products, butter and margarine are associated with saturated and trans fat due to their inflammatory action. Cleveland clinic suggests replacing this entire foodstuff with cold-water fish.

  • Herbs, Spices and Nuts

Enriching your diet with herb, spices and nuts are tasty ways for anti-inflammatory effects suggest  the Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide. 

Herbs like Boswellia, Willow's bark and Feverfew are enriched with anti-inflammatory properties.

Spices such as ginger, rosemary, oregano, turmeric, clove, nutmeg, basil, pepper and cayenne contain anti-inflammatory compounds.

Add some walnuts, peanuts, almonds and seeds for additional anti-inflammatory benefits.

  • Green tea

Flavonoids content of a green tea act as a powerful antioxidant and prevent free radical induced oxidative damage to cells. This property is useful to prevent inflammation and subsequently chronic diseases like cancer as noted by Harvard Health Publication.

  • Fibre

According to the David Rakel eating 30 gm of fibre from whole grains, fruits and vegetables help to reduce inflammation.

Follow a Mediterranean diet plan

Anti-inflammatory foods noted above are nothing but a part of a Mediterranean diet meal plan which is scientifically proven diet for healthy body. As per Mayo clinic, this particular meal plan emphasize

  • Eating plant based food like fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes
  • Replacing butter with olive oil
  • Using herbs and spices instead of salt for flavoring
  • Eating fish and poultry

Make sure to have anti inflammatory foods instead of inflammatory food to ensure that you stay healthy and being healthy is key to happiness…Health Is Wealth 

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 Image source: Rejuvalife

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  • Comment Link Mindbody & Soul, Inc. Friday, 06 July 2012 01:34 posted by Mindbody & Soul, Inc.

    It is the only way to eat because it is all you need and nothing else except less stress.

  • Comment Link Monisha Thursday, 28 June 2012 21:07 posted by Monisha

    Thanks! this is very good to know!

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