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Thursday, 03 May 2012 10:02

Health Hazards from wearing Too Tight Clothes

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Health risk associated with wearing too tight fitting clothes…
We, as human being wear clothes to fulfil our basic needs.

  • Protection
  • Adornment and Identification
  • Modesty
  • Status

However, the way you wear your clothes, style and combining them with accessories reflect your personality. Wearing of too-tight apparels and accessories are in fashion today. Slimming approach turns more and more people to opt for tight-fitting dress up. Use of body shaping garment trend is more popular among women as compared to men. But wearing of too-tight clothing does not make you look good all the time, or enhances your personality. On the contrary, many studies have shown that wearing too-tight fitting clothes can lead to different health problems.

Daily Mail reported important health risks result due to wearing of tight-fitting clothing as...

1. Control pants

control pantsControl pants flatten your stomach and help you to look more streamlined or leaner. However, it has directly an impact on your stomach, an important part of digestive tract, which can contribute to various health risks such as,

Control pants increase pressure on the lower part of stomach and forces acid upward into the oesophagus resulting in heartburn. When the situation remains for prolong period can lead to inflammation, and stomach ulcers.

Breathing problems
Unnaturally control pants clutch the stomach and prevent a diaphragm, an important respiratory muscle, from descending fully during breathing. This causes increased depth and rate of respiration (hyperventilation) and even panic attacks.

Digestive problems
Deterioration of acid-reflux disease and irritable bowel syndrome

2. Tight trousers/skinny jeans

karmaloop-com-over-dye-tie-dye_05e89d0cClose-fitting trousers or denim enhances your figure but can contribute to range of clinical problems.

Meralgia paresthetica
Tight trouser or skinny denim compresses a lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, running from the pelvis to the outer side of the thigh. Nerve compression contributes to pain on outer side of thigh associated with tingling, numbness and burning sensation in respective supplied areas. Medically, this condition is known as “Meralgia paresthetica”. The condition is extremely severe in overweight people where extra weight enhances nerve compression.

Aggravation of silent abdominal hernia in men

Abdominal pain and heartburn, especially after a meal

3. Bras

  • Shoulder, neck and back pain-
    Ill-fitting bras instead of providing correct support directly transmitted breast weight on the shoulder. The resulting muscle strain leads to shoulder, neck and back pain.
  • Breathing problems
    Ill-fitting bras support the breast by pressing on the rib cage. This puts pressure on diaphragm and restricts breathing.
  • Block circulation
    Those with large breast and wearing tight-fitting bra, compression of underlying blood vessels restrict blood circulation.
  • Link to breast cancer
    A study documented by Dailymail states that wearing of tight bras compresses lymphatic and other vessels underneath breast tissues. This hampers the process of flushing of toxic waste outside and increases chance of breast cancer.
  • Pushup type bras restrict movements of collar bone and upper ribs
  • Tight bras can cause skin irritation

4. Tight underwear

  • Fungal infection
    Tight underwear, especially of synthetic material restricts the air flow and creates moisture. Additionally, it hampers blood circulation favoring the growth of fungus.
  • Urinary tract infection
    Thong style knickers easily spread bacteria forward causing urinary tract infection. Risk is high in women with lower estrogens level particularly those passing through menopause or post-menopausal.
  • Infertility
    Wearing of tight-fitting underwear in men can induce infertility. Basically, testes are placed in the scrotum to keep them cooler. Tight underwear increases scrotal temperature at which testes are unable to function normally. This decreased testosterone production and sperm count, which can raise the chance of infertility.

5. Tight ties and collars

  • Glaucoma
    Tight ties or collar exerts pressure on the jugular vein in the neck which raises pressure inside of the eyes and produce eye bulging. This situation result in glaucoma
  • Other problems
    Pressure on carotid artery in the neck constricts the blood flow to the brain leading to headache, blurred vision, and dizziness.

6. Tight shoes

  • Athlete’s foot
    Wearing tight shoes for a prolonged period blocked airflow and retained heat and moisture. This provides ideal environment for fungi to grow up and flourish and cause athlete’s foot.
  • Hammer toe
    Poorly fitting shoes force the toe into bent position, which results in hammer toe.
  • Bunion
    Tightfitting shoes cause a bunion, a deformity characterized by lateral deviation of the great toe, an extremely painful condition. 
  • Foot ulcer
    Wearing of tight shoes can be turned out hazardous for the diabetes people because this can lead to diabetic foot ulcer.

So think twice before making fashion, because for every fashion you have to pay price...not only money but also health risk.

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  • Comment Link Monisha Friday, 04 May 2012 21:53 posted by Monisha

    So good to know, thanks a lot for the information, it is so well written.

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