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Thursday, 05 January 2012 09:26

Healthy Teeth Keeps you Happy! Featured

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Find out why is it important to keep our teeth healthy! And how to keep them clean. written by Monisha

bright-smileAre you embarrassed to say cheese at a photo shoot with friends and relatives around? Usually your smile is the first thing anyone around you notices but we all know, keeping our teeth and gums clean and healthy is vital for our overall health, taking good regular care is an important factor in avoiding poor oral health. If not taken good care we may develop problems like bad breadth and gingivitis. Clean and healthy teeth are very important in many ways. You need strong teeth to chew right foods to maintain healthy status.

Keeping teeth clean and healthy can literally open doors of endless opportunities that are waiting for us in our daily lives and make us more productive, in order to keep that interaction we do need to talk to others; on the other hand bad breadth can hamper this and keep people away from us, sometimes it also lowers your confidence.

Many study findings suggests the possible link between dental disease, specifically periodontal disease(erosion and infection of tissue and bone that support the teeth) and cardiovascular disease, more researches are undergoing to determine the casual nature of the association.

Here are a few dental care tips, following them regularly will help you to keep your teeth clean and healthy!

Brush your teeth twice a day: Always remember to brush your teeth twice in a day, use soft bristles to brush your teeth and take at least two minutes to thoroughly clean and brush. Do not let the water running while brushing.  Monitor your toddlers while they are brushing as they may not be able to brush the hard to reach areas.

Do not forget to floss: Flossing keeps the food away from the gaps in between the teeth and keeps the area clean. It helps to get rid of the unwanted food which gets collected and is hard to come out, thus it prevents tooth decay.

Rinse your mouth after every meal: Rinsing your mouth after every meal with plain water keeps your mouth clean.  Also, do brush and floss after meal if possible. You can use a standard mouth wash also. Mouth wash should not be swallowed, do follow the instructions regarding the use of mouth wash properly to have desired results.

Do not ignore toothache: Any kind of toothache or sensitivity should not be ignored. Consult a Dentist for tooth sensitivity or toothache as soon as possible.

Visit the dentist regularly: Visiting the dentists regularly once or twice a year to keep a track of your cavities if any; and getting a routine check up helps you maintain good oral health.

Avoid sugary drinks: As far as possible avoid sugary drinks instead have milk and eat fresh fruit and vegetable, milk is an excellent source of calcium that is necessary for stronger bones and teeth. Do not forget to rinse with plain water after drinking milk.

Avoid food and drinks, which are too hot and too cold: As far as possible try to have food or beverages like tea or coffee at normal temperature i.e. not too hot or not too cold. Some people love sipping really steaming hot coffee and tea while others enjoy chilled cold coffee or juices and food items, however both is harmful to teeth and can cause teeth sensitivity.

Have salads and fiber rich fruits after meals: Eating green leafy salad and fiber rich fruit after a meal helps you to wash out the bacteria; keeping your mouth clean.

Avoid smoking: All different forms of tobacco are considered bad of oral hygiene; smoking can damage the gums and increase the risk of tooth decay.

Eat healthy: A well-balanced diet full of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients is essential for healthy teeth and gums. Fluoride, occurring naturally in foods and water, can be a powerful tool in fighting decay. Having plenty of water increases saliva -which helps dilute the acids form the bacteria.

Healthy teeth keep you smiling which keeps you happy. As there is a lot communicated just by smiling.

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  • Comment Link Tom Friday, 06 January 2012 17:30 posted by Tom

    Just had dentist appt. today & @ 63 was given a great report (strong teeth, gums etc) because I do not do meds. Consistently take top quality supplements, spin brush & floss...healthy 2012 to all!

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