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Wednesday, 23 November 2011 11:24

Don’t allow cold to catch you!!! Featured

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This winter Stay away from Cold, here are some preventive steps that would help you to stay away from catching cold.

common cold"Prevention is better than cure”- winter is considered as a season of Cold and Flu. Common cold is viral infection and in most cases symptomatic treatment is prescribed or we tend to take the over the counter medicine for the treatment.  Although, common cold is not considered as serious health problem it can end up in disturbed sleep, miserable night watching, choked nose and headache. Simple cold may restrict your routine activities compeling patient to stay at home in bed.

Why it is common to catch cold during winter and fall season?
Although number of people who tend to develop common cold in the fall and winter months are more, the cold weather itself, is not the cause for the development of common cold. It is believed, that usually during winter season people tend to stay  inside more ,in close connection to each other which facilitates the spread of virus. Similarly, that is why, children in day care centers and school are particularly more susceptible to get common cold.

How to prevent yourself from catching the virus that is responsible for common cold and Flu as well?

Tips to Prevent a Cold
Wash Hands
Most cold and flu viruses spread through air borne or direct contact. You can easily catch cold/flu virus by touching the objects such as the telephone, the key board, a glass or surface that had been contaminated by a person who is already suffering from cold or flu. Someone who is having cold or flu, sneezes on their hand and touches the objects with same hand; makes the object a source of infection. 

It is important to wash your hands frequently in appropriate manner with soap and warm water, especially after visiting the public places. In case, when the fascility of washing your hands is not available, rubbing your hands together very hard for a minute or so may serve the purpose. Best is to rub an alcohol based hand sanitizer on to your hands.

Stay hydrated
Drink enough water and fluids to stay healthy. Drink enough fruit juices and hot homemade soup.  The antioxidants present in fruit & vegetables boost your immunity to combat illness.  Drink Green Tea – a miracle herb; will surely help.  Avoid too much of sugar.

Exercise Regularly
Exercise ensures proper blood circulation to different part of body. Exercises help to enhance immunity and also keep you away from “Stress”- that increases the risk of falling sick.

Yoga and breathing exercise
Yoga and particular breathing exercise can help you greatly to stay away from allergic cold. Yoga and breathing exercise had proven beneficial to prevent cold by enhancing immunity.(ref : ABC of Yoga)

Low fat yogurt

Eat low fat yogurt, as per some published articles, the some studies suggest that  eating a daily cup of low fat yogurt can reduce susceptibility to cold by 25%. So why not try?

Cut Smoking and alcohol consumption
The link between risk of developing respiratory diseases and smoking has been established in various studies. Smoking affects body’s own defence mechanism by drying out the nasal passage and paralysing the cilia. Similarly heavy alcohol intake is known to suppress the immune system, better stay away to stay away from cold.

 Avoid stress
Stress causes negative impact on our immune system- leading to sickness. Learn relaxation techniques to enhance immunity and stay away from cold and other diseases.

Vaccination against the flu could be a best option to prevent flu though not natural.

Suggestions to manage cold symptoms
Despite of taking precautions if you catch cold below mention suggestions will help you to recover fast.

Take enough rest
Sickness is sign that your body needs rest and by taking rest you are allowing your body to heal fast naturally. While staying at home you are also preventing the spread to others, which is good.

Take steam of plain water or can add softules in water that are available in market. Steam is natural decongestant that promotes easy expulsion of thick discharge and also relieves the headache caused by it in case of sinusitis. In case of severe stuffy nose use of saline nasal drops is advisable to open up the nasal passage. Sauna bath has also found effective to relieve the cold symptoms.
During winter the air becomes drier that aggravates the symptoms. Use of humidifier or vaporiser in home may keep you comfortable.

Gargling with warm salt water will surely help to soothe that irritation/ sore throat caused by post nasal drip. Gargle with diluted Betadine sore throat gargle will surely help to get relief from sore throat.

Drink lots of fluids
The list of fluids that helps greatly during cold includes, Green tea, tea added with ginger and Tulsi(holy basil), warm homemade  vegetable soup. Hot tea and soup will help to soothe inflammation and warmth can help to clear the stuffy nose and sinuses.

Care of chapped nose
Use soft tissue and apply some lotion, preferably petroleum jelly under your nose to soothe irritation of skin.

If your cold symptoms are aggravating, it is time to consult your physician.

Help from alternative system of Medicine
Homoeopathy and Ayurveda can relieve the symptoms of cold instantly and may help you to get out of bed within short time. Homoeopathic medicine cures you without any side effects that are commonly associated with conventional medicine such as dryness of mouth and drowsiness.

Prevent spread
Sneeze or cough into the inside of your elbow, Instead of covering it with your hands.  As you cover sneeze with hands, the germs   stick to your bare hands and thus can be easily transmitted to other person. Use a tissue when you sneeze to cover and dispose it safely immediately. if you don’t have a tissue, cough or sneeze into the inside of your elbow.

Have a Healthy and Happy winter Holidays..

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  • Comment Link Steve Wednesday, 23 November 2011 15:15 posted by Steve

    Eat a clove or so of raw garlic every day. Slice cloves into thinner pieces and let it sit for a day or more to lessen harshness. Eat with other foods to get it down. Your breath may not be the best but it will help to ward off colds and flu. Also echanecia. Ground root can be capped or mixed with water. I take 2 grams(4 00-size caps) per day. Haven't got a bug yet (knock on wood).

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