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Tuesday, 01 November 2011 11:13

Want to rejuvenate instantly – visit Spa Featured

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written by Monisha

Know about spa visit its benefits and what services does a spa offer

spa couple roomAlmost everyone suffers from stress during their lifetime, it’s a well know fact that 80% of the diseases now are stress related. Deadlines, difficult relationships, and frustrations can cause a lot of stress. Stress not only affects you physically but also mentally, it can affect mind, body as well as our behavior causing a negative effect on our over all surroundings. Constantly being under stress is found to be harmful to mind and body leading to many psychosomatic disorder, it can also worsen the current status of illness. It’s very important that we learn to recognize stress and find out ways - means to relax and hence not allowing stress to rule us.

If you’re one of those, who do not seem, or have the option of relaxing or taking time out, a spa visit can be worth a try. The very thought of treating yourself to some individualized pampering itself can be tempting.

If you want to disconnect from the demands of a fast-paced world including technology, Internet, television and wish to give some time to yourself visit a spa alone, else it could very well be converted in to a place, where you hang out with friends. For couples- newlyweds - a spa visit can offer great chance to escape and spend some quality time together.

What do spas offer?

A good spa offers a lot more than one can imagine.
Serine and welcoming environment: Most spas are located in a serine environment as this keeps you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. They provide a comfortable environment for their clients to come and enjoy their precious time spent there. This welcoming- serene environment is created to soothe their visitors and encourages them to visit again.

Spas offer number of effective treatments: A good spa generally delivers the desired results, the management takes good care in providing different kinds of services, from aromatherapies to mud packs, healing aurevedic messages to fish therapies, European facials to pedicures. They provide excellent anti ageing treatments and hydrating facials.

Therapeutic touches:  Benefits of massages are enhanced because they are transmitted through touch, by the presence of a trained message therapist, whose role is to nurture and take care. Human touch has this ability to lessen the impact; this makes touch potentially one of the most powerful healing alternatives.

Massages: Ayurveda massages have been around for many of years and have a number of health benefits, the essential aromatic oils use reduces tension and anxiety, calm the nervous system and promotes a sense of relaxation with providing well-being. They improve blood circulation and reduce muscle pain and spasm.

Why should one visit a spa?

  • Pamper your body: Spas provide a unique experience, a place where one can pamper their bodies. A good massage stimulates circulation; it helps sooth sore muscles- joints and relaxes them.
  • Stress busters: Modern life is full of stress; spas provide an ideal place for an individual to take time out and unwind stress.
  • Spas for overall wellbeing: Spas improve well- being in many ways, by engaging you in a suitable treatment that is thought and chosen for your own body. Having the right place to go and focus on your own wellbeing and peacefulness can create a positive effect. Spas help us to aid from our mind’s healing properties, our mind has a unique ability to heal and spas help create a positive effect by bringing peace of mind and tranquility.
  • Peace and quite: Spas help boost morale and leave you feeling rejuvenate. The peaceful and holistic environment creates harmony this helps you relax.
  • Aesthetic enhancement: Spas offer different kinds of facials and skin treatments, these treatments, help nourish your skin and make the skin glow. Some treatments also help to keep the signs of aging away.

Things to look for while choosing a suitable spa

  • Serine and welcoming environment:  Relaxed comfortable environment that will soothe your aching mind and body.
  • Qualified Staff: Usually spas employ well-qualified and experienced massage therapists and beauticians, to cater to your needs.
  • Impeccable cleanliness: In most of the reputed well known spas the management is extra careful and special attention is paid while cleaning bathrooms, pools, saunas and massage tables.
  • Suite your needs: Most spas offer tailor made packages to suit your needs; they are flexible and let you choose the treatments as per your requirements. Spas offer different types of therapies like aromatherapies, naturopathy, and acupressure, do pay close attention while choosing a treatment.
  • Quality of products used: While visiting a spa, pay close attention to the products they use, their expiration dates. Choose products, which are suitable for one time use or single use as this keeps you away from infection. It is a good idea to let the personnel know about products you are allergic to.
  • Price: Compare the charges and the services they offer with a couple more spas, this will give you an idea of how much you will be spending. Also don’t hesitate to ask for any hidden cost. Remember to compare the time and quality of the services, staff and the quality of the products.

    Always remember to make your appointments in advance. This saves you from waiting and thus helps to make best use of your precious time. In addition always try to reach the spa at least twenty minutes in advance.

 Take care of a couple of things and enjoy pampering of your body…relax and rejuvenate….

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