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Wednesday, 28 September 2011 14:53

Cool Heart Gadgets to monitor rhythm of your Heart beat….

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On Heart day let’s know about latest Gadget to combat the insane plague...

The Heart disease had become a leading cause of death in developed as well as developing countries.  As per who, an estimated 17 million people die of CVDs, particularly heart attacks and strokes, every year.. Thanks to modern technology that had created the heart gadgets that will help to control the alarming rise in the number  of death due to heart disease.
These cool Heart gadgets not only saves the time during medical emergency, they also fits to our modern lifestyle. They are small in size , easy to carry with you and most of them are easy to operate   by anyone at anytime- claims the manufacturing companies. Let’s know about the ultramodern medical gadgets, devices that can help people to survive from the heart diseases and heart attack.

SmartHeart- Turns Your Mobile Phone into a Heart Monitor-

bp_2The gadget is developed by SHL Telemedicine- called 'SmartHeart' is  a smart phone enabled electrocardiagram (ECG) device that takes only 30 seconds to analyze your heart and email the results to your doctor. Use of this device enables user to record a hospital –grade ECG(electro cardio gram) and forward it to his/her physician or health care professional.

Smart Heart seems to be perfectly suitable to today’s fast life where food is also fast food. People who had undergone for the test of ECG must be aware of the clumsy process, putting of gel and the electrodes’ at different places of the body and last the ECG recording on the stripes of paper. The latest device called as Smart Heart is lighter and sleeker compare to the traditional ECGs, and involves only one monitor that can be strapped around the chest.
Now, it’s easy for anyone to take the ECG of own just by pressing the few buttons of the phone. The cost of device would be $500.

iPhone Connected Blood Pressure Monitor

bp_withBlood pressure monitoring and keeping record of it is essential part of the treatment of Heart diseases, considering the fact,  Withing a French company  had come up  with new Health gadget for the iphone, ipad, ipod called 'Withings Blood Pressure Monitor'.  This device as called Blood pressure monitor will help you to measure your blood pressure with its blood pressure system that works with the iPhone.

As per the press release, usage and operation of device would be easy. "It features a universal arm-band for use with multiple users. This compact object is the ideal blood pressure monitor for the entire family. The data is then recorded and preserved on the private space made safe online of the user. The information can also be seen via any iOS device or any connected screen. The user will be able to see their entire history of BP measurements, plus graphs and curves that are drawn automatically. Users will also see color codes to see recommended pressure values to alert them of high or low pressures."

As per the information available on website- "Wrap the Blood Pressure Monitor around your arm and plug it into your iOS device. (An iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod Touch-a device that runs the iOS Operating System). Based on your doctor’s advice, select either the single measurement mode or the 3-measures in a row mode in order to get a mean average. At the end of the measurement, the full results, including the systolic, diastolic blood pressure and BPM, are saved on your iphone, ipad or an iPod, letting you free from the worry about regular updates of your vital statistics including blood pressure, pulse. The app can also store the readings to compare over time and share with a doctor for managing your blood pressure. 

Smart ECG necklace

bp_1Smart ECG necklace is a gadget prepared by Imec, this wearable ECG system will run on an Android smart phone. It targets monitoring of cardiac activity in every-day life situation. Its technology does robust and accurate beat detection algorithem that is suited for applications requiring reliable and precise cardiac rhythm or heart rate variability analysis.

As per the scientific report on company website, The main advantages of the smart ECG necklace are its low power consumption, its embedded beat detection algorithm and the performance of its integrated bio-potential ASIC. Up-coming pilot studies will evaluate the technology for use in various applications including arrhythmia detection, stress monitoring and epilepsy monitoring.

Latest technology and mobile phone had indeed made our life mobile...


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  • Comment Link Anil Thursday, 29 September 2011 11:03 posted by Anil

    nice article. Perfectly suitable to the occasion. Keep it up.

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