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Dear Friends,

Greetings from Setu HealthCare!

In today’s fast, competitive and dynamic environment, being healthy holds the key to overall success. It has become critical and vital for each of us to remain on top of the latest developments in health and wellness space to achieve holistic health encompassing not only physical wellbeing but equally important mental wellbeing- health in its true sense. We, at Setu HealthCare, realize that there exists an opportunity to become a partner that can help individuals achieve holistic health by providing authentic information coupled with specific set of services.

Our venture, Setu HealthCare, is founded on the strong principle of becoming a trusted channel to help individuals achieve overall wellbeing. Our efforts are directed towards becoming a companion where it can provide consumers/patients with in-depth and authentic information on variety of health and wellness topics. Setu HealthCare is currently engaged in providing services including Ask Experts, Diet Consulting, Wellness and Medical tourism.

Setu HealthCare will serve as one of its own kind of online interactive platform that allows consumer/patients/doctors to interact with their respective groups. It is also aimed at providing a separate and dedicated section for the medical fraternity where they can freely discuss novel health topics, case studies, and unique experiences and can share latest developments in health care field related to new technologies and procedures with their peers at the global level. In addition to this, the dynamic nature of the platform will keep them abreast with the latest developments in health and wellness space.

Our prime goal is to initiate paramount medical attention in an orderly fashion with the active network of our wellness team. 

Dr.Sejal Shah
Founder and President


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